Destruction 2 Reconstruct is an extended residential program with services such as education, counseling, goal setting, job placement assistance, and help with housing for former inmates (particularly for men of color, inner-city residents, and lower income individuals).

As the Founder, my background in this area is based on my personal experience with family and friends. One experience I will speak on is my Uncle who has been in the system on and off my whole life. I've never seen a program with the ability to assist him in his needs and other people like him. I would like to be that program that doesn't give up and finds the good quality in each individual while also empowering them to be successfully prepared to deal with all struggles of life. 


We offer stable housing so the client does not have to worry about where He will live once released from prison. Our structured counseling portion of the program will deal with hidden secrets that hinder the client from greatness. Overall, our program will require each individual to complete the 8 phases. He will receive step by step guidance with the intention to reduce criminal patterns and the generational history of incarceration for this population.

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